Sex, Gender, Transsexualism and Trauma – Part 5 : Kink


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5. Kink

Clare Flourish, a transwoman, worries that if the MEF theory were to become popular, it might lead to the view that transwomen should be excluded from women’s spaces. Fortunately, she says, there is no evidence to support the MEF theory:


Clare Flourish is a fan of Jack Mollay, inventor of the term ‘crossdreaming’. This is how Mollay describes it:

According to wxhluyp1, ‘crossdreaming’ is a politically motivated term which aims to obfuscate Blanchard’s AGP theory in order to remove social stigma. Essentially, it reduces AGP to just another kink, which can be practised by dysphoric and non-dysphoric individuals alike. (Wxhluyp1’s own MEF theory is not intended to obfuscate AGP theory, but rather to illuminate the supposed underlying cause.)

This article, from the Trans Widow blog, is sympathetic to the idea that MEF might underlie autogynephilia. It argues that MEF is rooted in misogyny, though wxhluyp1 himself has denied this:

This article, which argues against the MEF theory, is particularly interesting; it comes from Novagirl, a website dedicated to sissification, about which wxhluyp1 claims to be an expert:

Sissification / Feminisation

[Warning! Most links in this section are NSFW, as is some of the text.]

Novagirl offers something called the True Feminisation Programme, which appears to be a series of downloadable course modules:

True Feminization’s potent blend of psychological realism and female intuition make it far more sophisticated than the dull tropes of ‘sissy training’. Whereas module 1 of the Sissy Farm is concerned with sexual behavior and physical feminization, module 2 is about feminizing the mind.

Also available is The Sissy Farm, which is described as follows:

The Sissy Farm is a network of dungeons in London, Berlin and Barcelona which specialize in behavioral and medical feminization. Depending on your nature, we will transform you into a serving maiden, a secretary, or a she-male prostitute. Then we will recover the cost of our investment (with interest!)


I admit to being disturbed by this topic. I would prefer to avoid it, but this is supposed to be an exploration of different theories about the causes of transsexualism in men. The idea is often bandied about that there is a link between transsexualism and pornography; it would be dishonest not to mention this possibility.

Feminisation is a type of BDSM practice in which a submissive male partner takes on a ‘feminine’ role in order to be humiliated, which he finds sexually pleasurable. There are many variations of this practice. In forced feminisation, there is a pretence this is being done against his wishes.

In ‘sissy training’ the fantasy scenario requires this submissive partner to be gradually ‘trained’ into a ‘feminine’ role — this may involve cross-dressing and participation in stereotypically female activities — forced or otherwise. There are further variations, such as ‘sissy slut’ or ‘sissy maid’ training. 

In some cases, the ‘training’ may require him to take hormones or undergo surgery in order to make his body appear more feminine — that is, he may ‘transition’ in the manner of a MtF transsexual. 

Feminisation scenarios are commonly requested by clients of sex workers and dominatrices.

The practice of sissification has a long history:

This article, also from Novagirl, suggests that there is at least some crossover between transgenderism and sissy fetishism. But it concludes that the origin of an individual’s gender dysphoria is irrelevant, because the treatment options are the same regardless:

Here, a transwoman discusses her numerous paraphilias, which include sissification:

Sissy Hypno Porn

There are many sites on the web hosting sissy hypno porn videos. I will not link to them. I watched only a short portion of one of these videos. It consisted of hardcore porn scenes overlaid with a hypnotic soundtrack of floaty music plus a seductive female voice which tells the viewer he is a dirty slut who wants to suck cock etc. The descriptions of these videos are reminiscent of the words spoken by this voice. Here are some highly-rated examples:

Take Me Deeper by SissyHypnoSlut:

Come over to my place, Slut. You’re going to sit and stare at Sissy Training videos as I use your body! Here’s a little taste… Trance your brain away while I fuck your holes like a good sissy.

Mmm, Yes daddy! Please train me to be your good little fuck slut! On my way now. I can’t wait until your cock is in my mouth!

I Want You To Crave Cum by Anniewankenobi:

I want you to crave cum. Fucking crave it. Crave the taste of cum at night when you are masturbating. Delicious. I know you’re going to taste cum. It tastes so good. I want to be a dirty cum dumb whore. Why try to hide it. It feels so good to eat your own cum. Get ready. Open your mouth. Let it go all into your mouth and all over your face. 

Bimbo Doll Program by MasterJYouObey:

Imagine you are a pretty bimbo doll with long flowing golden blond hair, full lips, long lashes, deep green eyes and a flawless complexion. The more you pretend the more you believe you are a pretty bimbo doll with loose morals. […] The more you become a pretty bimbo doll the better. You will have more opportunity to be fucked in your pretty bimbo doll mouth and boi pussy. Alpha males love pretty bimbo dolls so this is your opportunity to become what you have been imagining all your life. […]

The preview screens associated with these videos typically feature women’s faces adjacent to large erect penises. These women do not appear comfortable in this situation, let alone empowered. It’s hard for me to see this stuff as anything other than misogynistic, whatever wxhluyp1 might say. 

It appears the viewer is expected to put himself in the place of the woman in these scenarios; to imagine her humiliation as his own while simultaneously enjoying the sexual pleasure of masturbation. He projects her degradation onto himself, and his own pleasure back onto her. This is a kind of role-reversal, but also an imagined merger between man and woman, in which sexual enjoyment and sexual humiliation become one and the same — for him and her alike. It is a self-directed sadomasochistic sexual fantasy.

In Stoller’s words:

[The underlying] hostility takes the form of rage at having to give up one’s earliest bliss and identification with the mother; fear arising out of unsuccessful attempts to escape from the mother’s orbit; and a need for revenge on the mother for having been placed in such a predicament. 

The psychological impact on regular viewers of such material can only be imagined.

Incels, the Black Pill, and Trannymaxxing

Incels (‘involuntary celebates’) are an extremist offshoot of the men’s rights activist (MRA) movement, but are not longer part of it. Although they desire a female romantic or sexual partner, they believe they will never find one. Incel subculture encourages hatred both of women and of men who have sex with women. They believe themselves to be ‘omega males’ — the lowest of the low in terms of sexual desirability.

Among MRAs, there is much talk of the ‘red pill’. This a metaphor derived from the film The Matrix; to ‘take the red pill’ is to arrive at the belief that feminism has gone too far, that women have too much power in society, and that men must fight to regain their rightful place at the top. This is contrasted with the ‘blue pill’, which entails a belief in patriarchy and support for the feminist movement.

Incels often take the ‘black pill’, which entails the belief that life is hopeless, and there is nothing they can do to attain romantic success because women (‘femoids’) are vermin — shallow, selfish creatures who desire to copulate only with ‘alpha males’ — those men at the opposite end of the sexual desirability scale to incels.

Incels have come to believe they are deeply inadequate as men — as such, they can be said to be suffering from ‘emasculation trauma’.

Some incels have come up with an innovative solution to their supposed problem of chronic sexual undesirability; they call it ‘Trannymaxxing’. The idea is, essentially, to induce gender dysphoria in themselves by watching hentai videos and / or sissy porn, and then to transition.

This forum provides an in-depth discussion of the process:

It recommends first watching various Japanese anime about boys who are mysteriously transformed into girls, and go on to have amazing (often sexy) adventures. Several series are mentioned, each one more sexually explicit than the next, culminating in full-blown hardcore hentai. Here are two examples:

Kämpfer (soft):

The plot revolves around Natsuru, a normal high school boy with blue hair. One day he wakes up and found himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger “Harakiri Tora” comes to life and tells him that he has been chosen as one of the “Kampfer”, a female fighter. The Kampfer are destined to fight with other Kampfer. The story starts when he is attacked by an unknown girl who happens to also be a Kampfer.

TSF Monogatari (hardcore):

Takumi Musashino suffers from a terminal illness and agrees to try an experimental treatment which turns him into a girl, and also into a complete and utter raging slut. Watch as Takumi goes from an almost altruistic loaner of his female body to hopeless fellow male virgins to a rock bottom literal whore! 


By watching this stuff, it is expected the incel will develop a desire to become a girl. If hentai therapy is unsuccessful, they are advised as a last resort to try sissy hypno porn. Once gender dysphoria has been induced, they can visit a gender clinic to begin the process of transition.

Supposedly, trannymaxxing offers many benefits over inceldom, particularly for those whose secondary sex characteristics are not strongly ‘masculine’. One poster comments:

Unlike incels who waste 60k+ on worthless plastic surgeries, trannymaxxing actually [..] works and pays for itself.

Trannymaxxing is insanely legit, it completely solves all the problems incels have

it solves:

1. being a virgin

2. being a neet/being poor

3. being ugly

4. having a beta personality

If [an incel] gets breast implants, facial fem surgery, body contouring, voice surgery, they can do sex work and pay it off in a few years. [I’ve] personally been offered by men to pay 100% for my transition in exchange for a relationship[..]

The incel movement has many other schemes for ‘curing inceldom’; these include ‘looksmaxxing’ (improving ones looks), ‘statusmaxxing’ (increasing one’s social status), ‘moneymaxxing’ (becoming wealthy), and even ‘castratemaxxing’ (removing one’s genitals).

They even have their own wiki, where you can learn all about ‘incel theory’:

It’s impossible to know for sure how many incels attempt to trannymaxx, but there are several who claim to have done so with great success. 

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