Me Hunt Pig

(The Saga of Caveman Hom, Episode 1)



Today me go hunt pig. Me leave cave early, bring sharp stick. Pig dangerous! Me go where pig live, hide bushes, wait pig. Me quiet. But man come! Big feet, much noise! Man see me, start talk. Me ask man quiet, not talk. Me tell man me hunt pig. Me ask man help hunt pig.

But man say no. Man say he woman, not hunt pig. Me stare man. Me point man feet - big feet! Me point man hands  -  big hands, like paws of bear! Me point man hair on face, bulge in crotch. Me point man chest, no booby, only coconut. Me say man not woman, man man.

Man get angry. Say no, he woman! Man shout me. Me ask quiet  –  me hunt pig. But man still talk. Talk talk. Man use long words. Me confuse. So me think. Think think. But me not think man woman. Me have woman. Me sex woman. Me like sex only woman. Me know woman not man.

Man talk, talk. Me think, think. Me know some man like sex man. Me think no problem. Me know some woman like sex woman. Me think no problem. But man not woman. Man man. Woman woman. Me know what is woman. Me look man. Man still talk. Still big words. But man still man.

Me remember me hunt pig. Again me ask man quiet, no talk. Me say man  –  you woman, not hunt pig? No problem. You go, gather berries. Me stay, hunt pig. Me hide quiet quiet  -  or pig hear, pig run, hunt fail. But man say no, he special woman, not gather berries, only talk.

Man still talk, still say he woman. Me get angry  -  me hunt pig, need quiet! ! Me shout man. But me not see pig. Pig hear shout, pig run! Me not catch pig.

Me hungry.

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